Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Well this is the one you’ve all been waiting for. Indecent Exposure! While not so much strange as it is funny that it had to be made into a law, it covers just about everything that deals with sex that you would think of outside of hugging and kissing. No intercourse, no sexual conduct, no […]

Religion has been the most controversial topic across all of mankind’s history. There are so many varying views on all the deities that whole wars have been fought over and for them. This law is doing its best to try and lower the amount of religious  confrontations as much as possible. In Mississippi, it is […]

People always complain about living in New Jersey. It’s right down there with South Dakota and Rhode Island in terms of respect from the general populace. The law I’m about to show you does not help its case and could give credence to everyone’s complaints. Apparently, when you’re driving, excluding business and residential districts, you […]

Sex is a private thing to many people. How freaky would it be to have people actively watching you while you are having sex with your partner? Well it’s not too freaky in Cali, Colombia, where it’s the law. This law is sort of a two-for-one. Women can only have sex with their husband and […]

“If only we had kept our hands out of our pants.” Masturbation is frowned upon in many cultures, but Indonesia seems to think it the worst crime possible. If your are convicted of masturbation, the penalty is decapitation. Or at least that’s what all the websites say. Of course things can be blown out of […]

Imagine if you will: You’re in Texas, you’ve been evicted, you have no place to go and you’re starving. Ignoring the last scrap of dignity you have left, you try to eat your neighbor’s trash rather than stealing food. In doing so, the neighbor calls the cops and has you arrested for eating his trash […]