Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Laws are a collection of rules adopted by society to regulate the state’s affairs and the actions of the people within it. They are a reflection of that society’s principles and ideals. Laws illustrate what a culture believes in as being right or wrong and what is acceptable social and personal conduct. Moreover, they echo […]

Check this out – Tennessee law 39-3-101 states: “In this part, and in every law relating to or affecting animals, the words animal or dumb animal shall be held to include every living creature; the words torture, torment, or cruelty shall be held to include every act, omission, or neglect whereby unjustifiable physical pain, suffering, […]

Because of a recent trip to Kentucky (I type this post from the Blue Grass State itself, in fact) I thought I’d see what types of crazy laws they have here.  Lucky for me, I stumbled upon KRS 437.050 which states: “Any person who interferes with any person addressing a public audience within this state, […]

OK.  I don’t usually pick laws that I can’t find at least SOME documentation on, but I liked this one so much I thought I’d tell  you what it was, do a little bit of speculation, and then open it up to you for interpretation, dissection, and conversation.  So don’t be shy this time, folks.  […]

We’ve all heard stories about weird laws: no chewing gum on Sundays, no riding horses backwards, no concealed weapons over 6 feet long. However, there’s a whole subset of weird laws that have a certain local flair that can’t be found in any other part of the country. Here are a few of the strangest […]

OK.  The law, as a gazillion different places on the internet states, is that “it is illegal to stab yourself to gain someone’s pity.”  As it turns out, this is an inaccurate rewording of the actual law.  It makes it funnier.  Did you laugh? The real law is Section 13A-14-1 which says, “Maiming one’s self […]

The collegiate life has been peppered with rumors and legends for as long as organized education has existed.  Stories featuring secret societies, legendary hazing rituals and haunted buildings are some of the more common (and colorful) tales known to be whispered in the corners of campus classrooms.  However, one of the most prominent urban legends […]

When one comes across a strange and mind-boggling law, the first question that usually gets asked is “Why did this ever become a law?!”.  More often than not, the laws that spur these kinds of reactions are incredibly odd.  A good example of this is a law that says that camel-hunting is not lawful in […]

I’m happy to report that there is a law in Alabama that prohibits you from wearing a fake mustache that causes laughter in church.  Why does that make me happy?  Because it’s a two-parter, and they are my favorite.  It’s not illegal just to wear a fake mustache.  Nor is it illegal if you cause […]

Prominent Australian obstetrician Dr. Jeffrey Robinson is facing a lawsuit after a delivery he performed over 25 years ago – and a decision he doesn’t remember making.  Halina Jane Gillett is suing the doctor because he delivered her with forceps, rather than via C-section like Gillett’s mother had requested.  Possibly because of this decision by Robinson, Giillett suffers […]