Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Now I know why it’s so important for people to not get into duels in Kentucky. Look at that thing! Would you even want to be in a duel involving those? The person shooting it would probably get their shoulder blasted off making it almost as lethal for the shooter, that’s if they could even […]

“That humpback owes us money!” This next law is not only weird, but also physically impossible to break. Apparently, it is illegal to shoot any animal from your car in Tennessee, unless it’s a whale. Now I don’t think that’s a euphemism for an overweight person, but whales also don’t live in Tennessee being that […]

Campaigning for any election can certainly be a battle, but it can all be for naught if you’ve been in a real battle. In Kentucky, you can not run for governor if you’ve been involved with a duel. In fact, it’s so serious the issue has been included in the oath of office which states, […]