Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Planning on packing up your car and going for a drive to Canada? Before you hit the road, you’re going to need to do a little advance planning to make sure your border crossing is easy. With 1,200 Canadian service checkpoints, your first new northern friend will probably be a Canadian Border Services Agent. Yes, […]

Imagine if you will: You’re in Texas, you’ve been evicted, you have no place to go and you’re starving. Ignoring the last scrap of dignity you have left, you try to eat your neighbor’s trash rather than stealing food. In doing so, the neighbor calls the cops and has you arrested for eating his trash […]

In Missouri, the law is quite clear – you can have yellow butter or white margarine, but yellow margarine is just not welcome. Today the idea seems quite insane, but when the law was originally created, around 1895, it was actually pretty common. Missouri law makers were trying to protect the products of state dairy […]

Some laws are just laws.  Don’t kill people.  Don’t steal cars.  Or police cars.  Don’t deface property.  Don’t not pay your taxes.  But, with the Halloween season fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to find some laws that are specifically related to Halloween. Some are kind of boring, like in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware […]

One time my husband told me that our friend Jefferson was going to bring over some venison that he’d marinated.  They were going to grill it, and it was going to be delicious.  I’d never eaten venison, and I’d been watching a lot of Food Network, so I said, “Why not?” As it turns out, […]