Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

In the neat little book I found, it says that there is a law in West Virginia that states:  “If any person post another, or in writing or in print use any reproachful or contemptuous language to or concerning another, for not fighting a duel, or for not sending or accepting a challenge, he shall […]

Who knew the fine people of Wells, Maine were so particular about their graveyards? Wells has a law that states “Advertisements May not be placed in Cemeteries”  100-4 PROHIBITED ACTS (amended 11-2-93).  Here is the full ext of the law: A.  The following acts are violations of this chapter: (1) [Amended 4-7-2001] The willful disfigurement, […]

Minnesota is pretty strict on its vagrancy laws.  The full text of law 609.725 states: “Any of the following are vagrants and are guilty of a misdemeanor:  1) A person, with ability to work, who is without lawful means of support, does not seek employment, and is not under 18 years of age; or 2) […]