Monday, April 27th, 2015

Swiping Music Files



Swiping music files has caused consternation in the recording industry Their interests are represented in the U.S. by Recording lndustry Association of America (RIAA) and they have come up with a desperate solution to the problem. They are using their draconian to sue anybody found in possession of illicit music files, They have spread their net wide and are taking legal action against everybody from school kids to grannies. They forced a 12- year-old girl to pay $2,000 or face a lawsuit.

They tried to prosecute a 66-year-old grandmother until she proved that she did not possess a computer able to make and swap music files. Similar moves are now being considered in other countries. Quite what the recording industry feels it will achieve by alienating the very people who are its customers is unclear.

via Crazy Laws & Lawsuits by Robert Allen

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