Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Quebec – It Likes Buttah


So, I bought this book on funny laws.  Mostly because I write for this website, and there is only so much out there on the interwebs for me to use.  I had to turn to the printed word.  Sheesh.  Next thing you know I’ll be going through actual LAW books instead of watching old episodes of Ally McBeal.  Naw.  That won’t happen.  You’re just lucky I don’t rehash old episodes of Ally McBeal for you to read about.  There are other websites for that.

butter photo by by aMichiganMom

Butter.  You read it right.  Butter.  This book I bought, it told me about a law in Quebec that says that margarine (also known as artificial butter) has to be a different color than real butter.  Allegedly the dairy farmers got together and thought that the butter substitute was  a little too close to the real thing, so the Quebec government mandates that all margarine be dyed red.  Ew!  Obviously, this did not go over well, as it made your toast look all bloody, so a lot of RED TAPE later and margarine ended up white, and then a pale yellow.

I checked this story out, since I just got this book and who knows if this stuff is true?  Looks like it is, because a CBC article reported in 2008 that the war was over – margarine could be yellow.  The article gives a bit more background.  As it turns out, margarine itself was illegal until 1948, though the ban was lifted for a while during WWI because of the dairy shortage.  This article never mentioned anything about the margarine having to be red, so perhaps that was an exaggeration.

Either way, you can now eat margarine that looks like butter in Quebec.  You can stop worrying.

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