Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Halloween-Associated Laws


Some laws are just laws.  Don’t kill people.  Don’t steal cars.  Or police cars.  Don’t deface property.  Don’t not pay your taxes.  But, with the Halloween season fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to find some laws that are specifically related to Halloween.

Some are kind of boring, like in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware it’s against the law to trick or treat after 8:00 PM.  In Dublin, Georgia, it’s against the law to wear dark sunglasses or a hood.  Considering that’s smack in the middle of Klanville, I’d say that’s a good thing, wouldn’t you?  In Walnut, California, you have to obtain a permit to wear a mask on Halloween.  That’s a little weirder.  I wonder if they have to approve the mask…

this is fine

this is fine

get out of my office

get out of my office

Another one, that I like slightly more, is that it’s illegal to dress like a priest on Halloween in Alabama.  This allowed me to make my own custom graphic, seen here.

priest outfit

I imagine their Community Outreach program will be contacting me for the rights any moment now.

My favorite Halloween related law so far is this one – In Huntsville Alabama, anybody in an animal control officer uniform IS an actual animal control officer.  Think about it.

kid animal control

Do you know any more wacky Halloween laws?  Comment, you ghouls!

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