Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Don’t Hurt The Camels! (in Arizona)


If you are going to be hunted, you might as well have a hot, gun-toting, blonde blow y0ur brains out.

When one comes across a strange and mind-boggling law, the first question that usually gets asked is “Why did this ever become a law?!”.  More often than not, the laws that spur these kinds of reactions are incredibly odd.  A good example of this is a law that says that camel-hunting is not lawful in the state of Arizona.  At first glance, one might wonder:  Why would someone go through all of the trouble of creating and passing a law such as this when there aren’t even any camels in Arizona?  Well, this is a good example of how outdated laws can still be on the books even though they no longer apply to the current generation.

These signs help to make the camel hunt easy. Not very sporting though. Just don’t get involved with a hit and run with a camel.

As it turns out, it is recorded that back in the years of 1856 and 1857, the government actually imported many camels to that region with the intent of helping the army haul supplies across the harsh desert lands.  Other businesses thought this seemed like good idea as well, and industries like the mining industry also began to import and use camels to haul supplies and cargo through the desert regions.  Under this context, it makes perfect sense that the organizations that went to the trouble of importing camels would want to have them protected from harm and foul play.  So remember, if you’re out for an evening stroll in Arizona and you happen to come upon a camel, you best just leave it alone!

Oh, too bad it’s false.

So I guess you can hunt camels in Arizona. Go nuts!

When is this guy back in season? This is camel that needs killing.

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