Sunday, April 26th, 2015

And no, it wasn’t  because he had “Rio” stuck in his head for two weeks straight.  In 2000, a Los Angeles man sued Duran Duran because the band’s website had displayed his phone number to call for tickets and merchandise.  Cornell Zachary (one of those guys with two first names, or a first name for […]

Prominent Australian obstetrician Dr. Jeffrey Robinson is facing a lawsuit after a delivery he performed over 25 years ago – and a decision he doesn’t remember making.  Halina Jane Gillett is suing the doctor because he delivered her with forceps, rather than via C-section like Gillett’s mother had requested.  Possibly because of this decision by Robinson, Giillett suffers […]

This is not new news, but it bears repeating.  Hegang, Northern China resident Jian Feng was married to a pretty girl.  Things were going well. They got pregnant, and a baby girl was born.  It wasn’t, as it turns out, a beautiful baby girl.  In fact, she was really ugly.  Jian didn’t understand it.  He […]

While there are many, many stories of romances that begin online ending in happily-ever-after, sometime the method doesn’t quite work.  In fact, sometimes the method is so far from working that lawyers are involved. Take, for instance, the example of Matthew Evans.  Evans was *this* close to canceling his subscription to the dating website in […]