Monday, May 4th, 2015

We’ve all heard stories about weird laws: no chewing gum on Sundays, no riding horses backwards, no concealed weapons over 6 feet long. However, there’s a whole subset of weird laws that have a certain local flair that can’t be found in any other part of the country. Here are a few of the strangest […]

The collegiate life has been peppered with rumors and legends for as long as organized education has existed.  Stories featuring secret societies, legendary hazing rituals and haunted buildings are some of the more common (and colorful) tales known to be whispered in the corners of campus classrooms.  However, one of the most prominent urban legends […]

Imagine if you will: You’re in Texas, you’ve been evicted, you have no place to go and you’re starving. Ignoring the last scrap of dignity you have left, you try to eat your neighbor’s trash rather than stealing food. In doing so, the neighbor calls the cops and has you arrested for eating his trash […]

Wedded bliss.  Some achieve it, some don’t.  We hear a lot about what you should do when you’re planning a wedding – from centerpiece ideas to prenuptial agreements – but we don’t hear much about the weird marriage-related laws that nobody bothered to repeal.  In this case, there is a reason nobody repealed it – […]