Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Laws are a collection of rules adopted by society to regulate the state’s affairs and the actions of the people within it. They are a reflection of that society’s principles and ideals. Laws illustrate what a culture believes in as being right or wrong and what is acceptable social and personal conduct. Moreover, they echo […]

Allegedly, a city law exists in Fairbanks, Alaska that states that it is illegal to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose.  That law is pretty reasonable.  After all, moose are big, and wild, and strong.  While they are not normally aggressive, it is possible to provoke them into charging, which would be a really bad […]

And no, it wasn’t  because he had “Rio” stuck in his head for two weeks straight.  In 2000, a Los Angeles man sued Duran Duran because the band’s website had displayed his phone number to call for tickets and merchandise.  Cornell Zachary (one of those guys with two first names, or a first name for […]

The Celestial Emperor.  The Lord of Ten Thousand Years.  The Enthroned One.  He Who is Above.  The Son of Heaven.  Big names for an almost-three year old. P’u Yi, also known as all the names above, also known as Henry, ascended to the throne of China at 2 years and 10 months old.   Treated as […]

Some recent research has turned up an interesting tidbit. Allegedly, it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon…in France. I’m going to go ahead and start off by saying that this is most likely not true.  At least not anymore.  I can certainly see it being illegal to name ANYTHING Napoleon during Napoleon’s time.  He […]

Prominent Australian obstetrician Dr. Jeffrey Robinson is facing a lawsuit after a delivery he performed over 25 years ago – and a decision he doesn’t remember making.  Halina Jane Gillett is suing the doctor because he delivered her with forceps, rather than via C-section like Gillett’s mother had requested.  Possibly because of this decision by Robinson, Giillett suffers […]

Planning on packing up your car and going for a drive to Canada? Before you hit the road, you’re going to need to do a little advance planning to make sure your border crossing is easy. With 1,200 Canadian service checkpoints, your first new northern friend will probably be a Canadian Border Services Agent. Yes, […]

Imagine if you will: You’re walking down a back alley taking a shortcut home from the grocery store because it’s getting dark. A mugger comes up to you, demands you give him all your money and points his… pillow at you? That’s right, in Germany, pillows are considered “passive” weapons. I’m curious what passive means […]

Sex is a private thing to many people. How freaky would it be to have people actively watching you while you are having sex with your partner? Well it’s not too freaky in Cali, Colombia, where it’s the law. This law is sort of a two-for-one. Women can only have sex with their husband and […]

“If only we had kept our hands out of our pants.” Masturbation is frowned upon in many cultures, but Indonesia seems to think it the worst crime possible. If your are convicted of masturbation, the penalty is decapitation. Or at least that’s what all the websites say. Of course things can be blown out of […]