Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Laws are a collection of rules adopted by society to regulate the state’s affairs and the actions of the people within it. They are a reflection of that society’s principles and ideals. Laws illustrate what a culture believes in as being right or wrong and what is acceptable social and personal conduct. Moreover, they echo […]

We’ve all heard stories about weird laws: no chewing gum on Sundays, no riding horses backwards, no concealed weapons over 6 feet long. However, there’s a whole subset of weird laws that have a certain local flair that can’t be found in any other part of the country. Here are a few of the strangest […]

Have you ever snapped a fallen branch by stepping on it to hear that satisfying cracking noise?  Even worse, have you ever purposefully collected and later burned dried twigs and forest litter to start a camp fire in an authorized area?  That’s it.  You’ve just broken the law in any state park in Colorado.  It […]

There’s no shortage of stories about strange or stupid laws in effect all over the US. While many of them are just that – stories, there actually are some rather unusual laws that have made the books. Here’s a list of 10 actual, weird laws that have graced the legislative halls of different states across […]

When one comes across a strange and mind-boggling law, the first question that usually gets asked is “Why did this ever become a law?!”.  More often than not, the laws that spur these kinds of reactions are incredibly odd.  A good example of this is a law that says that camel-hunting is not lawful in […]

In 2003, legislators passed the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) so that contact lens-wearers would have the same rights as their spectacled friends when it came to purchasing their choice of vision correction.  As you will see, the law also protects eye health.         Law Protects You from Crooked Providers […]

Swiping music files has caused consternation in the recording industry Their interests are represented in the U.S. by Recording lndustry Association of America (RIAA) and they have come up with a desperate solution to the problem. They are using their draconian to sue anybody found in possession of illicit music files, They have spread their […]

One time my husband told me that our friend Jefferson was going to bring over some venison that he’d marinated.  They were going to grill it, and it was going to be delicious.  I’d never eaten venison, and I’d been watching a lot of Food Network, so I said, “Why not?” As it turns out, […]