Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Arkansas Laws – No Blue Light Special


Is it really illegal to buy or sell blue lightbulbs in Arkansas?

After a considerable amount of time on the telephone, I’m afraid the answer I have to give is…I dunno.  It may be true, in some dusty old tome in an Arkansas law firm some where, but if it is nobody is talking.  I called about 4 law firms in Little Rock before I found someone who actually was willing to talk to me, and they had not encountered this blue light law, either.

**note – the first 4 hadn’t heard of it either, which they were happy to inform me promptly before they hung up on me.  What?!?  I wasn’t trying to sell them anything!

Finally, the nice folks at The Madden law Firm on South Rock Street in Little Rock, Arkansas, answered my question, and then DID NOT hang up on me.  Nice, huh?  So, based on the limited contact I’ve had, I will tell you that if I ever need a lawyer in Arkansas, I’m using them.

Aside from that, I found an interesting article on a lighting consultant‘s website that talks about blue HEADLIGHTS for cars and how they’re not so legal. This guy, Daniel Stern, really knows his stuff, and he talks about the dangers of using  bluish or purplish bulbs on the roadway.  In a nutshell, blue and violet bulbs just aren’t bright enough.  The light doesn’t travel as far.  So, see?  You still learned something today.  Not to worry.  That’s what I’m here for.

So, that’s the best I can do with this law.  Do you know something about it?  Post in the comments below!

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