Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Arizona Has The Coolest Weird Laws – Magical Misdemeanor Felonies!


OK, so this isn’t really illegal anymore, but it is so weird that it had to be written about.  So, apparently, there used to be this law in Arizona that stated that if you committed a misdemeanor wearing a red mask that it automatically turns into a felony.

red mask one

I know!  Bask in that for a moment, because it is truly awesome.  And I realize I’m running the risk of inciting wrath and anger – because I read comments that were posted to posts that were posted before I started posting here.  I hold that this website has room for the illustrious Laws That Once Were, or less formerly Laws That Used To Be.  And this is one of ‘em.  Or not.  But wouldn’t it be great if it was?

red mask two
The best thing about this is the courtroom scenario I picture in my head.  Some misdemeanors include theft that is not automobile theft or over a certain dollar amount, drunk in public, trespassing, DUI, and prostitution.  Supposedly this Arizona law states that if you are drunk in public, it’s a misdemeanor.  If you’re drunk in public and you’re wearing a red mask, it’s a felony.  So, if you’re going to get drunk and hang out in public, take off your red mask before the cops come.  It’s as simple as that.

Obviously this is not the case now, if it ever was.  But it makes you wonder…if you committed a felony wearing, say, a blue mask, would it be downgraded to misdemeanor?  Blue is such a lovely color…

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