Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Alligators in Arkansas


The lovely interwebs has informed me that it is illegal to put an alligator in the bathtub in Arkansas.  As our first Arkansas law on Lawsome, this law deserves much pondering.

First off, we should figure out the answer to the main question.  Sure, it’s against the law to keep an alligator in the bathtub, but is it illegal to OWN an alligator as a pet?  Not really.  You can’t own a large carnivore as a pet in Arkansas – and the law defines a large carnivore as a bear, a lion, or a tiger (oh my!).  You are also not allowed to own 6 or more of the following:

squirrel, raccoon, rabbit, quail, possum, gray fox, red fox, coyote, deer, or bobcat.

Heh.  5 is OK, though.  “Hey Joe, where you going with your 5 bobcats?”  “Not to buy a 6th one, that’s for sure!  Because that’s against the law!”

So, if you want to own an alligator FROM Arkansas, that’s OK.  If you want to own an alligator from out of state (an out-of-state Alligator), all you have to do is be able to prove that you bought the animal legally from another state.  It’s state of origin, or even not.  The state of the alligator’s last known address.

So here is the question of the day…  Why?  Why an alligator?  And furthermore, why WOULDN’T you want to keep it in the bathtub?  What better place for the little guy?  But seriously, why do you want the alligator in the first place?  I’m not anti-alligator or anything, but I don’t see these guys being friendly, cuddly, or even able to be trained to attack robbers and bad guys.

I am amused further by some advice I found on this website called essortment.  The advice outlines all the things you should look for in buying your alligator.  For instance, make sure they are leech-free and have smooth bellies.
That is all I have to say about that.

photo by dancelittlemonkey

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