Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Alaskan Laws About Bears


As you’ve probably already guessed, I get a lot of these laws from websites dedicated to listing crazy and weird laws from different states and countries.  And, as you can probably imagine, there is no “truth checker” that automatically tells me whether or not the law is real.  So, that’s my new mission with this website.  I’m going to tell you the crazy law I heard about, and then I’m going to find out whether or not it is true.  Sound good to you?  I thought so.  I did it with the French pig law, the Florida parachuting law, the Arkansas light bulb law, and now I will do it for this law.

So, the Internet says that Alaskan law prohibits you from waking a sleeping bear in order to take a photo of it (but you’re allowed to shoot it with a gun if you’d like – certain restrictions apply).   Is this true?  I mean, I know it’s true that you can hunt bears in Alaska.  I mean, YOU might not be able to, and I might not be able to, but SOME people can – if they are hunting with a registered Alaska guide.  Or, you can shoot a bear if you’re an Alaska resident yourself.  See?  You didn’t know that.  I learned it from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website which was incredibly helpful and chock full of information.

For instance, did you know that Eskimo curlew, Short-tailed albatross, Humpback whale, Right whale, and Blue whale are all endangered species in Alaska?  Do you know what an Eskimo curlew is?  I didn’t either.  It’s a bird.  You’re welcome.

Also, did you know that you can bring your pet llama to Alaska with you, but that you should leave a whole host of other pets at home?  Especially your hippopotamus.  Stay tuned for a whole new post about the animals you can and cannot take into Alaska with you.

Until then, photograph all the bears you want, I suppose.  I couldn’t find anything on the website telling you not to.

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